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Get to Know Maggie

Hey Hey! It's me, Maggie. I am so excited to be starting my very own wedding planning company, and to have you along for this journey. I am a pretty open book. Now, that book has some pretty big chapters and and the cover may not always look the best, but I'm here and I want to share my story with you!

I grew up in the little town of Dillon, South Carolina. Some people view this as unfortunate, but I view it as one of my biggest blessings. It was here in this town that I found who I wanted to be and what I wanted my life to look like. While growing up, it seemed like everyone always knew everything about me, or at least what they thought was true. Lucky for me, I have a very determined spirit that always made sure it was where it wanted to be. Whether it was on the volleyball court, cheering on Friday nights, with friends on country roads, or laughing with family, this is what my life consisted of and laid the foundation of who I was becoming.

Fast forward to college. I decided at the last minute to attend the College of Charleston. This was absolutely crazy to me because my whole life I just knew that I was going to attend The University of South Carolina, just like the rest of my family had. But, I went down to Charleston and took a tour on a whim, and within minutes of walking around the campus I looked right at my mom and said, "This is where I belong". I had no clue what it was that drew me to Charleston, I just knew it felt like home to me. And, I would soon find that it was exactly where I needed to be.

Through college my faith in the Lord grew exponentially and I was blessed some of the best community and some pretty awesome gal pals to help push and encourage me along the way. Many doors opened for me during this season of life that I never imagined that I would even want opened.

It's here is Charleston that I met my sweet sweet husband-to-be. We met on a winter ski retreat that was hosted by a local church we attended. Robert was in school at The Citadel and well you already know I was at The College of Charleston.

Charleston is where our love story began, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. But, I'll have to fill you in on the rest of our story later!

During college I had the amazing opportunity to work for and learn from some of the best wedding planners in the area. My first wedding I assisted in planning was in 2017, and I knew immediately that this is what I wanted to do. You see, I never knew what career I wanted. Where I came from, many women fit into three categories: nurse, teacher, or mom. These are some amazing careers to have but for me, I was overwhelmed with what job was going to fit me perfectly. Once I found planning, it fit so naturally. It gave me an outlet to let me hone in my skills of design, management, and personal relationships that I love. And who doesn't love a good wedding?!

Fast forward a lot, and here I am today, married and trying to figure out this crazy life. This has been just a very small glimpse into my life and how I have gotten to where I am today. There have been many moments of laughter, fear, faith, heartbreak, struggle, joy, and determination. So, here's to what's next in life, and taking you on that journey as we go!

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