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Let's Talk! The Questions I Always Ask My Couples

Let’s Talk! When in the stages of choosing a wedding planner, you will have lots of options and lots of questions. The relationship you have with your wedding planner should be part professional and part friendship. This balance allows you to feel the professionalism of work and the friendship of listening, understanding, and planning that you need during this time.

This is why I am an open book with my clients. I love for my clients to know me for who I am and in return I love getting to know them as well! With experience, I feel that this is the best way to truly create the best event possible.

So, when we start the planning process these are some of the questions that I always ask my couples. These questions help me get a sense of who you are, what your style is, what you find important, and your vision for your day.


First, Let’s Get To Know One Another

I like to first focus on my couples for who they are. So, I want to know all about how you met, where you’re from, what’s your favorite restaurant, any super fun memories that the two of you share? I love setting this foundation for our relationship. Once we all know each other a little better let’s start getting some ideas about what you want your event to entail.

Let’s Talk About the “What”

What is your style? What is your budget? What are your must haves? And, just as important, what are your must not haves? Let’s narrow these things down in order to move forward!

Let’s Talk About the “When”

When are you looking at having your wedding day? Is your wedding going to be a one day event or will it be spread out over a couple of days of festivities?

These questions help us to find an accommodating venue, the perfect date, and helps to start narrow down the style of wedding you are looking for.

Let’s Talk About the “Where”

Once we have the “when” taken care of, then we can officially start locking down the “Where”

Is this a local wedding or destination wedding? Do you have a dream venue in mind or do you need help searching? Are you wanting a venue to hold your ceremony and reception or do you want them to take place separately? Are there other event spaces needed for the weekend around the area?

Once we have the “where” locked down we can start looking at the fun part of creating and designing.


These are just some of the questions that come up when we are getting to know each other and starting the planning process. There is lots to talk about, and lots to plan, so let’s get started!

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